Like no other

The aperitif, that so much ours

Heritage of our country...

Prologue to Sunday lunches and a regular feature of important dates. Tradition and trend. Guilty of “having a bite to eat” and ending up not hungry.

For all palates and moments

With a glass of beer, a glass of red wine or a good glass of fino. For some, anchovies in vinegar; for others, ham croquettes or piparras. We have it everywhere, but nowhere the same. Because a good aperitif only needs two things: good company and, above all, olives.

We are your olive of always

More than 80 years with you

We were in your grandparents’ pantry, your parents’ pantry and, now, in yours. Stuffed, green, black, spicy, with stone, without stone… and a lot of varieties more so that you can eat them as you like: in appetizers, salads, pizzas, pastas or as a snack between meals.

Celebrate the small daily pleasures. Because whatever day it is, you deserve to treat yourself like no other.

We bring you the best
of our land

A great selection

We select the best olives from all the varieties. So that you can enjoy the best flavour whenever you want and because if anything matters to us, it is to continue being with you for many, many, many years to come.

Taste of the Mediterranean

We are a classic of the Mediterranean diet, perfect for your recipes and for a lifestyle full of sea, sun and good gastronomy.

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Our history is our legacy

Our legacy is to be with you

One day we woke up and decided to go a little further: we dared to put an anchovy inside an olive! That’s how the stuffed olives were born. And since then, we have been innovating every day to perfect all our products and formats to make you like them more and more.

Since then, time has passed, there have been periods of green, black, spicy, pitted and pitted olives… Always with the same idea in mind. To bring you all the flavour and quality of the best of the best kept secret of our land: olives.

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