Taste and Quality

We bring you the best of nature

So you can keep it in your pantry

The land, light and climate of the Mediterranean come together in perfect harmony to provide us with an olive like ours. And for more than 70 years, we have wanted to bring it to you by placing all our experience and love into every phase of the process. That is why our flavour is like no other.



Cuando cuidas bien la tierra, la tierra te regala lo mejor de ella



Los mejores sabores, los mejores momentos, un estilo de vida único


An olive made like no other

We have the latest technologies for selection, classification, monitoring, tracking and inspection in artificial vision to ensure maximum quality and food safety


The best quality for the best taste

Having quality as a continuous goal has led us to generate our own technology to guarantee maximum product quality.
Various controls and analyses ensure food quality throughout the production process.

BRC Food

International certification that monitors and controls quality standards for food, packaging, storage and distribution.


The most renowned international standard that focuses on managing an effective system for managing and constantly improving the quality of your products.

ISO 9001

Standards that ensure that companies meet the safety and quality requirements and are always continuously improving their processes.

ISO 14001

This certificate is awarded to companies that proactively reduce the environmental impact of our planet.